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What's the news in Somalia

H4>waxqabadkii Horn relief ee barnaamijka Outreachka2002 Pastoral yuoth leadership program is aimed to trian pastoral community in easten Sanag how they better manage their natural resources,animal health and good leadership skills to build better future for somalis. outreach program < font>,. Click here for the text

Puntland Women Peace Forum Puntland women coalition for peace launched big peace campaign held in Bosaso, Badhan, Las-anod and other major towns in Puntland state Women peace forum,. Click here for the text

Peace Process in Badhan Horn relief NGO set up a peace mission in Badhan in April 2002 to bring together fighting clans in that town peace mission,. Click here for the text

Camel caravan 2002 In June 2002 Pastoral youth leadership participants and facilitators made one month long research in Sanag Camel caravan,. Click here for the text

Press release

Text of press release following the workshop held at Aberdare, Kenya for Puntland Conflict Resolution, March 11-17, 2002. Click here for the text

Recent information on the rains in Sanaag: Patchy and the drought not yet broken. Posted 25 April 2002. Click here for text

Contribute to Peace in Somalia

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