PERIOD: 24TH to 25th August 2002




Puntland Women Forum Meeting.

Date of the meeting 24/08/2002-25/08/2002.

Vcnnue: WAWA Conference Hell



Start of the meeting:


The third puntland women meeting is opened at 8:oo are on 24/8/2002 in WAWA conference hall. WAWA coordinator Hawa Ali Jama opens the meeting. Hawa welcomed the participants to WAWA compound. She said that this meeting is third Puntland Women meeting; there was two previous meeting we held in Badhan district of Sanag Region and La’aanood district of Sool Region. Hawa encouraged the participants to participate the meeting discussion fully and to express their feeling fully.  Hawa also said   “ the aim of these meetings is women to learn their constitution and to raise points they feeling is missing about the rights of women, children and their citizen. It is also aim women to discuss the pace of puntland and how women can participate peace-seeking initiations.

Engineer Omar of Horn Relief has also welcomed to say his opening words. Engineer Omar welcomed the participants and encouraged them to deeply look the points rose by the two previous meetings and see what they can add or reduce these points. He said, “ You have to express your feeling about women’s right missed by the constitution and propose points you feel to be added to the charter. The worsened peace situation in Puntland disturbed the program in many ways.

Salado Isma’il Mirood said every encouraging word about women’s rights and women to participate fully the peace seeking initiations. Salado also sang very sweet song invented by her about peace and the problems   of war in Somalia. She highly encouraged the participants to participate the peace seeking initiation in Puntland and whole Somalia.

Afterwards the meeting facilitator, Mahdi Ali Osman also welcomed to start the program of the day.




The facilitator then start to recap the previous meetings held in Badhan and las’anod and their outcome. The points raised by the two meetings to be added to constitution are presented. After that the participants were divided in to five groups. Each group was given the charter of puntland, the points raised by the previous questions discussed in Las’anod. The participants were then asked to discuss fully this question and the recommendations checking the previous points raised and charter and produce the points they feel that is missed and they need to be added in to the charter.

After long discussion, each group raises the points they need to be added to the charter. Plenary session was then come together for every group to present their group work discussion outcome.

The questions asked for the participants to discuss for were those discussed in Las’aanod meeting and were as follows:


1-     Group one – the points they can add or reduce from the points raised by the two previous meetings which were to think and discuss the rights of the citizens to be clarified by the future constitution of Puntland and Somalia?  

2-    Group two- the points needed to be added to the charter about the citizen’s rights for education and information getting missed by the two previous meetings.

3-    Group three- the points they can add or reduce the point raised by the two previous meetings about what the society need to be clarified by the constitution about the circumcision?

4-    Group four- women’s right to be clarified by the charter about marriage, divorce, inheritance and ownership of the family’s wealth missed by the two previous meetings?

5-    Group five- obligations of the citizen missed by the charter.


After the discussion each group present their feeling of their assignment. The points presented by the groups were as follows:


Group One:


Right of the citizens:


1-     Security: the citizen should get peace because without peace there is no life.

2-    Sanitation: the citizen should get cleanliness because without it is lack of health.

3-    Education: the citizen should get education to build their future.

4-    Freedom: the citizen should get full freedom to live confidence.

5-    Employment and support of income: the person should get employment so he/she can survive.

6-    Water: every person should get sufficient clean water.

7-    Roads: the community needs roads that are suitable to transport and people use and that should be constructed by the administration.

8-    Health: The entire citizen both rural and urban should get basic health in their localities.

9-    Ports and Airports: the citizens should get ports and Airports that they can export their livestock and other products and they can import commodities.


Group Two: in group work


Discussion of the rights of education and getting information facts.





                   Getting information


Ø      Every citizen has the right to get information about their constitution to and know and look for the there missing rights.

Ø      Citizens should get every information they require.



Group three: group three in group discussion



Circumcision of the girls:


o       The puntland constitution did not tell any thing about the circumcision of the girls.

o       The group support and agree the points raised in Las-anod meeting about to stop totally the circumcision of the girls and to punish the circumcisers and the parents who do the action, because it has the following problems:

·        It affects the health of the women

·        Important organs in reproduction is removed

·        The cleanliness of the girls is not properly operated.

·        The God’s creature is changed and this is great sin made by the human and it is not religious acceptable.



Group four: in group discussion


Women’s rights in marriage, divorce, inheritance and the ownership of he family’s wealth.




The marriage should base on the Islamic religion

q       Should not be compulsory

q       Should not be conditioned to wealth.

q       Should base the acceptance of both parties

q       The girl should be asked for their responsible person




The divorce is not totally good and should be avoided, but if it came necessary it can happen and it should not have conditions like:


1-     If you leave the house and return back you are not my wife

2-    If the women are divorced they should be in their home till three months as our religion says.

3-    The man should pay the living expenses and the rent of the house for these months.

4-    Their mother should keep the children till they up to 15 years of age and the father should pay their living expenses.




The inheritance should happen as God clarified in the wholly Koran. But what some times happened is the women to be refused to get their share from the farms, camel, Money, Frankincense etc, this should be clearified by the constitution and women should get all their rights,







a)     The women can make special capital that they can use as they want.

b)    Women should get half of the wealth they keep and work for.



Group five


The obligations of the citizen:


1-     Nationality: the citizen should know that he born for this country.

2-    Honest: the person should be honest for his country, people and religion.

3-    Resistance: the person should resist any problems met from his country and people

4-    Trust: the person should be one that can be trusted to the wealth of his country and people.

5-    Respect: the person should do the obligations expected from him like: he/she should respect the commands and supervisions of the people or his supervisors.

6-    Defense: the person should defense his/her country and people from any problems faced. Such as inside and outside enemies, like those making the degradation of the land and sea.


After the presentation of the groups, the whole participants discussed the issues raised by the groups. The finally agreed all the above-mentioned points to be clarified in the charter.




Group four in-group discussions


Second day of the meeting



The agenda of the day was peace and security in Puntland and how women can activity participate the peace initiation activities of the region. The facilitator forwarded the participants for the agenda of day. He highly encouraged the participants to deeply discuss and full participate the discussion showing their view of how Puntland peace can be stabilized and how women can actively participate the peace seeking initiations.

Participants we divided in to four groups. Each group were asked to answer the two question of:


  1. How Puntland peace can be stabilized?
  2.   The role women can take for the peace initiation activities?


The groups deeply discuss the two questions. They collect their ideas and finally agreed several points. Plenary session were then come together, each groups presenting their view of the two question asked.





Group one


Group one presented the flowing points:


  1. Puntland peace can be stabilized by:

Ø      Traditional leaders:  the traditional leaders should leave out of politics returning back the prestige and respect in their society.

Ø      The chiefs: every chief to re-start his activities in the society in order to disarm them and brought peace.



Ø      RELEGOUS LEADERS: the religious leaders should start awareness raising telling the people that the killing of the people is forbidden by the religion and is very great sin and showing them the right bath.

Ø      YOUTH: youth to understand that those dying are themselves and they have change the gun in to pen.

Ø      Administration:  when all the previous steps are found then dialogue to be started with the existing administration.


2- Role of the women:

-         Somali women to start awareness rising.

-         Every mother should start the peace in their homes like her husband, boy, struggling how she can disarm them.

-         Women to stop the words they use to mobilize the men in to fighting like, we become inferior, where is my tripe, our girls will not be married etc. 

-         Women to know that mobilization in to fight will be following by crying.

-         Women to know that what will collapse will be her house, father, brother and all her relatives.



The group concludes their presentation by song singed by Salado isma’idl Mirod about peace and how the people are in need of.



Group two: in pressentation


Group two presented the following:


1-  Puntland peace can be stabilized.


                              I.      First the peace can be stabilized by God and should prayed from God peace to return back.

                         II.      To initiate peace for the two warring groups.

                     III.      To stop the fire without condition.

                         IV.      The traditional leader to be in one side for Puntland politics.

                             V.      Puntland to stop the wish for one man and the tribalism   and work for the society.

                         VI.      To be in one side for all those interfering the Puntland peace inside and outside.


2-  Role of the women:

·        Puntland women play an important role for the peace if they are honest and impartial for the existing issues.

·        The important role that they can play include:


o       Every mother to start peace in her home i-e her husband, boy etc

o       To consult her family and her neighbor about the problems of war.

o       Women should pay all their wealth and power to peace

o       Women can initiate and prepare peace meetings.


The group also concludes their presentation song singed by Johro about peace and praying God to stabilize the peace of Puntland state.




Group three: in presentation


The group presented the following:


1-     Puntland peace can be stabilized by:

§         Disarmament

§         Impartial intellectuals

§         Every puntland people to understand their citizenship and prevent the state from the enemies both inside and outside.

§         Struggle for unity and equity for all.

§         To solve problems between traditional leader.



2-    The role of the women:

ü      To make awareness raisings.

ü      The women to start their mobilization in their Homes, neighbors and their village like her boy, brothers, husband and her father, disarming them when they want to go to the fighting.

ü      To unite for any problems faced.

ü      To make lobbing for the puntland peace getting assistance from the civil society like children and aged people.

ü      To stop supporting of two parts.

ü      To use the mass media like Journals, Radios, literature and peace proposals.

ü      Contacting and getting help from the international community to make seminars, workshops about peace, conducted for the youth, elders and all intellectuals




Group Four:in presentation



1-  Puntland peace can be stabilized by:


§         To get united society free from tribalism and wish of persons.

§         To get pure Islamic administration.

§         To leave out the dictatorship

§         The civil society to have similar view for the war problems like, migration, dying of people, rape etc.

§         Trust between the government and civil society.

§         To get united traditional leaders who are honest for their people.

§         To stop the fire.





2-  The role of the women.


q       Women can take an important role from Puntland peace such as:

           Awareness raising that they have to start at her Home, neighbors, relatives, and friends.

q       To produce peace seeking proposals and publishing it in literature, Journals, Radios, School, Meetings, seminars etc.

q       To sit between the fighting wars showing signs of peace like white flags.

   Group four in group work                     

After the presentations, conclusion ceremony was reached. Participants from Las’anod selected one woman to say their view of peace in song. She said a song about peace and how it is important and how Puntland people are not aware of specially the men. She said that the women now take the role of men.


Fatima Ali singing a women’s equality song

Engineer Omar Irbad from Horn relief organization was then welcomed to said his closing words for the meetings.

Engineer Omar thanked the participants for their good participation of the meeting. He encouraged them to practice and start the points they raise about peace and human rights when they return back to their Regions and Homes, the Engineer also said that this was third meeting and two other meetings will be conducted to the remaining two regions of Nugal and Mudug for the coming months. He said horn relief organization will make you aware for the time and the venue of the next meetings.


Closing the meeting

Hawa Ali Jama- WAWA (we are women activists) coordinator comes to stage to close the meeting. Hawa said, the points raised in this meeting should not be just words but must practiced. Hawo also talk lot about the rights of women and constitution. She also said lot about the peace about puntland and how it is important for the women to actively participate the peace initiation activities.



The participants then said their words, thanking to Horn relief and WAWA for their concern of women’s rights and the facilitation of such kinds of meetings. Songs singing by participants about peace and women’s rights then started taking more than 10 minutes.


Hawa Ali Jama – WAWA coordinator and Eng. Omer Irbad of Horn Relief, closed the meeting at 12:30



Closing session