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How you can contribute to peace in Somalia

Somalia is llittle known and even less understood. The great majority of people long for peace after more than a decade of instability. There are many groups working for peace in Somalia including the members of We will post regular bulletins of our activiteis on this web site so keep visiting us for regular updates.

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How you can help

Tell your friends about the web site. Encourage them to learn about the work of's members. Encourage your friends, your own government officials, United Nations officals, your own local newspapers to take an interest in Somalia. The news in the mainstream media about Somalia is strongly and unfaily negative. Encourage a more balanced view of the country.

This web site is maintained by's members. We are small local non-governmental oganizations working in north eastern Somalia. Our web site is simple, but we hope you have found the information provided useful. Please contact us with your comments and views and what you would like to hear more about. We plan to have a discussion page on this web site where people can exchange views.

More importantly we hope the you join us working for peace.

Of course we also need financial assistance. Our resources are limited. There are a number of ways you can transfer money to us. However, to help us keep track of contributions please send emailed advice to In north America cheques can be sent to Horn Relief's office at
P.O. Box 271361
West Hartford, CT 06127

In Australia cheques bank transfers can be made to
The ANZ Bank
33 Bougainville Stree, Manuka
Canberra 2603
Account number 012-984 5489 33666

Alternatively you make make transfers to our email address using the secure transfer facities of the electronic money transfer companies PayPal or ProPay. You will find infomation how to do this on their web sites and

You can contact us at

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