Pastoral youth leadership out reach program Dhahar Reports.






After we spent two full month in Elbuh, and Armale we moved to Dhahar village, which we have conducted similar training to the school teachers, students of highest class of the Dhahar primary school, women literacy school and two members of VEC. Like Elbuh and Armale. Dhahar participants had received trainings about Animal science, sanitation and first aid, environmental conservation, and good leadership. These lessons are similar to those we have conducted in Both Armale and Elbuh.

Dhahar participants welcomed the Horn Relief facilitators, as well as program it self.


30Partcipants of both schools (13 boys +17 girls), 7school teachers and two members of VEC are fully participated for the training.

We stayed in Dhahar one month (September), as it was our action plan. Next to Dhahar will be Hingalool and then Hadaftimo Village.


Dhahar workshop participants:

Dhahar participants



o       VEC

o       Abdi Mohamed Nuur

o       Jinaw Yuusuf shire


1.      Saiid husain mahamud

2.      Ibraahim aadan Jaama

3.      Ahmed Aadan Jaama

4.      Abshir Abdi Mohamed

5.      A/laahi mahamud Weyrah

6.      Ahmed Mohamed abokor

7.      Abdiwahaab Sheekh omar

8.      Saalah Sheekh Saiid






1.      faatima Ahmed Mahamed

2.      Shukri esa Ahmed

3.      Eourope Ahmed kaatun

4.      Farhiya Abdi Ali

5.      FaaTima said Abdi

6.      Aamina Abdillaahi Haaji

7.      Hamdi Ali Abdi

8.      Samsam ibraahim hasan

9.      Naiima muusa Ilmi

10.  Duaale A/laahi Duaale

11.  Abdifataah mahamed faarah

12.  Abuubakar Mohamed Warsame

13.  Sharma arke A/laahi Duaale

14.  Saiid Ahmed Husain

15.  Said Ahmed Mahamud

16.  Mohamed Ali Ismaaan

17.  Mahamed A/laahi faarah

18.  Faatima Said Ahmed

19.  Faatima Mohamuud faarah

20.  Abdisamed Mohamed Samantar

21.  A/qaadir Ahmed ismaan

22.  Liibaan A/laahi Duaale

23.  Hasan Mohamed Samantar

24.  Sakeria Ahmed Husain

25.  Johra Husai Ahmed

26.  Haawa Bare Nuur

27.  Anisa Mohamed ahmed

28.  Aamina Mahamuud Omar

29.  Faaduma Ahmed Hasan

30.  Khadra A/risak Omar




The participants who finished these trainings will be able to classify (quarantine) sick animals from health ones.

2-will be able to diagnose and treat common infectious diseases in their area.

3-will be able to use correctly some drugs available in the market of their village. The participants also learned How to store poisonous drugs, the how to use them carefully.

4-will be able to keep their personal hygiene, food and home cleanness, water sanitation and to keep general sanitation in their village.

Dhahar participants in training stoves



5-will be able to train their community how make stoves and build rock-dams.

6-We hope they will be good leader in the future




Things That Horn relief ought to keep in mind!!!

This is a Dhahar pond and those animals watering there.


During our time in Dhahar, we observed that primary things that Community needs is.Dhahar has many basic needs but first one is water. There is woter shortage in dhahar. The only borehole in Dhahar be came week and its water production decreased and it needs repairing(new power full generator and water pump) Dhahar has also Pond with contaminated rain water, which are not fit fore human drinking and also animals. Every one talks and complains shortage of water, availability and accessibility of water is very hard in those areas in which we were conducting trainings, so we suggest exploring ways to get out of this problem that our community is suffering.

Khadra yusuf Ali

Abdirizaq Mahamed Esse

HR Office.