The background of the situation   


  In the last ten months Eastern Sanaag Region was full of aroma and environment of war. That region was  previously was quiet and a peaceful place. It was sudden shock that war broke out that   involving two clans who live together in the same town of the region. The war was caused by revenge on to one clan to the other. That war claimed the lives of many people more than twenty persons included traditional leader who was involving peace-making activities in the region and also many were injured, a girl child that was hit by pullet in the mouth was one of the victims and that war extended to  the whole region. HORN RELIEF with support of Diakonia (Sweden NGO) some other donors started large peace movement in Eastern Sanaag to bring together and make reconciliation among fighting clans. H.R team organized meetings with different clans who were fighting.  The team met community Groups such as, Elders, Women Orgs, youth groups, schoolteachers and students. To mobilize the community and push them to accept peace mission and come to the negotiation table to resolve their disputes with dialogue not with muzzle of gun. 


Peace Activities


 On 21 March, 2002, Fatima   HR managing director  and Abdirahman  Ali  board member with other big delegation set up a trip  to Badhan   and Hadaaftimo to pave away  for Peace activities, they spent two days in Badhan and Hadaftimo which  are forty Kilometers far apart.    First day they met and talked with Sultan Saeed the Sultan of of Warsangeli  and other community elders  in Hadaftimo .  They discussed issue concerning about the peace in the region and Puntland as a whole. and  the possibilities to  explore away to find  a solution and bring fighting clans to the  negotiation table. That meeting happened with good atmosphere and well understanding and elders accepted to work   together toward the peace..

The second day the team were in Badhan town, where they met Ismail Sultan( prominent figure of the Badhan elders), Makhir youth groups , other community elders, religious men as well as women groups.  After long hours of hot discussion, the elders and other groups pledged to work for peace and restore stability to the town and to the region at whole.


Mobile Team(Abdushuur, Khadra and Hayed) Report



On 6th April 2002 Horn Relief mobile team of peace making returned to the warring regions of Sanaag to continue the peace activity. During their time in Badhan our team conducted one month training which they were carrying peace program of one month. They gave a holistic training of peace making, animal health to teachers of the three schools (numbered 19) people, seven of them were girls. Similar training was given to students of two primary schools, which are currently operating in Badhan town.  The number of the students who benefited from the animal health and peace making courses were thirty students. Thirteen of them were Girls.

Animal health and peace making training was aimed to share the teams knowledge with the local community as an animal health specialists and peace-making methods to train them how to take care for their livestock and how to use drugs properly and how to make peace when the need comes. The participant received the training very well the teams lessons and we encouraged them to pass what they have gained to community to apply to their livestock and peace programs

We also gave to the above-mentioned people another training courses, which concerning issues about the construction of  rock dams,  peace, good leadership and hygiene. The teachers of the three schools, students and education committee agreed to play peace activism in Badhan district and Punt land and Somalia at whole.



On the other hand we worked with women groups who runs women literacy classes in Badhan. We encouraged them to work towards peace and stability in their town and their community. We participated several workshops which we have discussed issues concerning about the community leadership and peace. Women groups has taken initiatives which they want to encourage violating sub clans the terms of tolerance and forgiveness and come together into negotiation.

  Several times during our time in Badhan, there were fighting among women from different families in Badhan town, there for our team participated, together with other people organizing; elders, youth groups, teachers, women groups, religious men and intellectuals from the community to make intervention using their status within communities as traditional peace makers being so we pushed them to stop fighting among women and children. The community groups succeeded to stop fighting and they restored peace and stability in the town. Community elders who were involving the peace has taken over the case and asked the fighting sides to prevent violations creating by their inexperienced kinsmen and work towards peace. And that has done successfully.

 The community elders are working currently to bring fighting sides on to the negotiation table, which they are planning to be held soon.

Religious men also conducted workshops about the peace and preached to the community what qur, aan says about the peace. Similarly were done to schoolteachers, students, women, makhir youth organization


Finally teachers of different schools and education committee came to a meeting and agreed:

v     To unite them selves and work together toward the peace. Thus they formed committees and action plan, about peace and reconciliation among the community and gave the students of their schools lessons for the issue concerning about the peace.

v      To compile and dessiminate messages about the peace and stability, and distribute them to schools, masques, business places and everywhere in the town.


v     To create students for same activities to make them full of activity such as sports, working health awareness and taking care for the environment by using rock dams technique.

v     To develop newsletters and pamphlets which carrying peace messages and environment conservation ideas.


v     To head their activities until they will reach their goals, which have to be the restoration of peace and reconciliation in Badhan, eastern Sanag region, punt land and Somalia at whole.





                                                                        April, 2002


Eastern Sanag second peace mission                  


HORN RELIEF team for peace mission returned to Hadaftimo and Badhan April 6,2002 for second time to proceed and monitor the peace and reconciliation activities which they already began in the region. For that reason they organized a meeting and workshops with different groups of the society to talk about the peace and reconciliation process. They have met teachers of Alfurqan primary school and Badhan Primary school, one time separately and one time together. Those teachers pledged to be peace builders in Badhan as well as the rest of the region.

 We have arranged workshops about the peace, community good leadership, animal health and general hygiene of the area, which, teachers of the three schools and thirty students had participated. These training the participants were gained lessons about the peace building and were lasting nearly one month. The Animal health lessons given was included animal management prevent diseases, infection diseases caused by bacteria, parasitic diseases and how to handle and use properly to drugs, also how to isolate and quarantine the sick animals from the health ones and how to treat properly. The participants stated to spread gained knowledge to other co-pastorals community.



The activities we have conducted in Badhan and Hadaftimo is depicted the Table below 





Workshops  for peace


Expenses in USD

Number of Participants


1workshop with Headmaster and teachers of the Hadaftimo primary school   mobilize together the different parts and make them work together the following for the common goal such as: Hygiene activities, collection of the garbage and rehabilitating together community owned places, slaughter house






6 Teachers


2.Workshop with Community committee for education and environment together with.,building rock dams together.






11Men Elders


3.workshop with teachers of Badhan

Primary schools for issue concerning about peace, education, Rock dams, planting school compound and maintaining school barkeds




79 April


9 Teachers


4.workshop with Maakhir youth groups talking about peace and work together how to repair Badhan Butchery






25 people


5 Workshop with Alfurqan primary school talking with them for peace propagation and peace through education, making rock dams etc.



3 days

1315 April


10 participants


6.workshop with teachers of the women classes for peace, education, hygiene and good leadership



2 days

1617 April


4 participants


7. Seven days work shop with women organizations, for strengthened peace activities through schools, working together with common places and issue like hygiene, water etc.



HORN relief


1822 April





8. five  workshop with peace activism groups for propagating peace into the community



Five days



50 participants


Workshops with religious leaders and school teachers together to encourage peace in the community and education centers to teach what Islamic religion said about the peace




27----30 April


20 Imams and preachers and teaches



   Total:2220 USD








Details in other  expense for peace movement campaign in eastern Sanag







Total in USD


1 carX40$xten days




Fuel cost

3 drumsX75$

4 drumsX75$



Trucking cost




















Radio broadcasting















Training materials









4752.5 USD


Grand total:                                                                                        6,972.5 $        




      Teachers were united them-selves to work with common goals in  Badhan

      Teachers and students built together rock-dams and planted their school compounds

         Stone -throwing stopped between women groups and children.

      Change of environment from hostile to almost normal. And the two clans worked together Badhan butchery rehabilitation

      Group of women called themselves  a judge  so every  body complains to them before he tries to revenge.

       Peace making elders started four elders, but exceeding thirty now, eight of them are chairing to asses a peace keeping.

      Makhir youth leader ship made full participation in peace building.

      Religious men also play a big role to preach the community about the peace. they gave lessons about good conduct , respect of the rights o f neighbor hood  and the problem of jealous between human races.

      War-loving groups were pushed to a corner.

      Social groups such as; women orgs,  maakhir youth org and teachers org  came together and started to mobilize the community and push them to work to the community owned places. This was positive outcomes from the peace workshops,


remaining constraints


        Lack of the trust between the two clans

        Lack of terms of  forgiveness and tolerance.

        The interference of Somaliland and punt land administration

        Trip security, needs and poor ship situation

        The region is helping resource-based conflict.

        Poor level of education      

        Tribal based stubbornness 




v     Increase trust building  tools by awareness and education


v     Mediators and clan representatives should be short-listed to a few strong trust personalities from local and neighboring regions.


v     Location of negotiation should be  moved away from the conflicted villages.


v     Fundraising is needed  for the negotiation .


War effects


A   Economical effects


     After the war  in Badhan the family income generation  went down and many child  suffered diarrhea ,cough & malnutrition  we  met with a woman carrying a  child  who had severe diarrhea  after we inquired  her  why  she didnt take her child to hospital  she told us that  she had been working   for  slaughter  place before the war , during the war time and after wards nothing was going on there , so the only thing I was thinking  about  is seeking for  a fittest ,  the next day , she was alone ,ie the child left out for diarrhea.

 The next day we encountered another woman who reported to us  that she lost one of her three children , and the remaining two are  also badly ill , because of  diarrhea , she  was  really worried about their current situation and the future of their life  , she also  told us that she  left  her  two remaining children at home caring with  no body , and she was looking for  a job , just  to get  a little money to feed for her dying  children

   On our observation, the victimized  people in the war town , are those  who had  been working for  small  jobs like  shoes makers ,smith men or local technicians  as a whole  .



B, social effects

Many of family  become displaced be cause of war specially women and children ,some children become orphan, many people died and others become handicapped. Social relationship which Somali culture is very important become very weak. Inter marriage relationship which bonding  many different  Somali clans and families seems to be prevailed by the clanhood . the respect of neighborhood which was  strong traditional rule both in Islamic religion and Somali culture  also it lost its value during fighting.