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Have fun solar cooking

A colorful array of characters have fun as they use their solar stoves in Bosaso, Somalia. Somalis are photogenic. See a kaleidoscope of interesting faces. Three minutes.

Somalia's first Solar Cooking Village

Bander Bayla is Somalia's first solar cooking village. 950 solar stoves were distributed. See pictures of this beautiful, remote, tsunami affected village. 5 minutes.

Charcoal Traffic: A World First on Film

A story of two brothers trapped in a murderous cycle
of environmental and cultural devastation in Somalia.

No one has ever made a film based on Somali pastoral life in the visually stunning Somali landscape.

No one has ever made a film about environmental degradation due to charcoal production that threatens the Somali pastoral way of life.

No one has had the vision, the daring, the expertise and the network of contacts to even dream of making such a film in Somalia.

Until now.

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC is a world first

- the first fictional film shot in Somalia in over 15 years.

- the first fictional film based on Somali pastoral life.

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC was filmed entirely on location in northern Somalia

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC stars an outstanding local cast with no previous acting experience.

CHARCOAL TRAFFIC is in Somali with English subtitles.

Duration: seven minutes

See the trailer on YouTube