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Enjoy the water Tucacas is the gateway to Morrocoy National Park on Venezuela's Caribbean coast. Only one hour from Valencia and three hours from Caracas, you, your family and your friends will delight in the marvelous palm-fringed beaches, clear water, beautiful fish and soft corals of the mangrove covered islands where thousands of birds make their home.

Rent a beachfront penthouse apartment

Rent a beachfront apartment See the info on this site at www.tucacas.info and click on the "English" tab or Click here

Submatur Dive Shop: Go diving in Morrocoy National Marine Park

Click here for diving information

Playa Mero beach

A beautiful house on a spectacular part of the Caribbean coast is for sale
Click here to see your dream house

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)
Read about some of the work of Jim and Pamela at BFSU
Michael Lindsay and Li Hsiao Li's experiences in the guerrilla areas of north China and the Communist headquarters at Yenan 1937-1945.
Hsiao Li's story "Bold Plum, with the Guerrillas in China's war against Japan" has now been published. Available from Amazon or www.lulu.com 
People to People
Learn how you can contribute to community projects in Somalia and Kenya.

People to People 

Sun Fire Cooking

Help promote solar cooking, reduce charcoal burning and make money too.

Visit the Somali Peace network's website

Uganda Rural Training and Development Programme
The Uganda Rural Training and Development Programme (URDT) has recently installed a satellite link which is the first highs speed Internet link in this western district of Uganda which has a population of 400,000.

URDT has also received funding from the Australian government for a project "Village Reflection and Dialogue on HIV/AIDS"

And URDT has the best collection of Chinese paintings in western Uganda.

Learn more about URDT's Satellite Dish, Chinese Paintings and HIV/AIDS project.

Visit URDT's web site: http://www.urdt.org

See a bit of Kagadi in western Uganda
Learn how one young person, Peter Sekamate in western Uganda is making a difference. Here we are in Kagadi

Kenya holiday
After Tucacas, next time how about a beach holiday and safari in Watamu, the Tucacas of Kenya. Check out this website http://www.watamu.net

Jim Lindsay and Pamela Collett's area. This link takes you to lots of friends and places.

Go to Jim and Pamela's page
You can email Pamela and Jim at mukindu@yahoo.com

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