I am called SEKAMATE PETER In Kibaale district mid Western Uganda.

I was born about 1977, I use that word "about" because I am not sure of the real date. My mother never acquired enough education to enable her record that information. so she can not tell the real time when I was born, but she tells me that I was born at that time when President Amin took over power. So I estimate that time to be around 1977.


I have a vision of transforming the standard of living of the people of Kibaale District so that in future they can live a better life. People of Kibaale have a number of problems like:

It has been and it is still my desire to help people of Kibaale in those problems and I have started on a small scale because I am doing it as an individual.

I am also volunteering with Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) a non governmental organisation in Kagadi, Kibaale District which is helping people on a large scale. At URDT I am studying about the process of rural transformation which is to be a key idea at the soon to be created African Rurual University (ARU). One of the ideas of the African Rural University is to empower people in rural areas to create peace for them selves.

About HiV AIDSIn the year 1997, I started sensitizing people about the dangers of HIV AIDS, especially people of my age. In 1999 I started teaching at Kyomukama Primary School where I was teaching science. I used to tell my students the dangers and how to avoid HIV AIDS. Nowadays I am doing it on a large scale by holding meetings in villages and participating in various workshops in the district. at URDT

I also give assistance to needy orphans whose parents died of aids by giving them clothes, guidance and counseling and paying school tuition fees where possible.

HIV stands for human immunodeficency virus. It is spread through contact of any body fluids, but it is mainly spread through unprotected sex.

AIDS in Uganda started on the shores of Lake Victoria. To ordinary Ugandans AIDS was thought to be witchcraft. It then started killing people spreading from the shores of Lake Victoria, to parts of Masaka district, Kampala, Mpigi and other districts of Uganda.

AIDS started at around the late 1950's. Today AIDS is considered to be as a national scourge killing many Ugandans every year especially the youth.
It is on this back ground that I have started a challenging task of fighting HIV AIDS. Factors which increase the spread of HIV AIDS in Kibaale District

The following should be observed
  1. Abstaining from having casual sex
  2. Being faithful to your partner.
  3. Use of condoms. This require a lot of displine.
  4. Going for a blood test before you have sex with any body.
  5. Avoiding poverty. Because many people in Uganda especially women have sex with an aim of getting money from men. This is very common in Kibaale District where female students are having sex with taxi drivers with purpose of getting money from those driver. However, these girls know the use of condoms, but the taxi drivers do not want to use condoms.About HiV

How to avoid poverty
The following should be observed

  1. Good planning
  2. Resources or capital
  3. Hard working

About illiteracy We are encouraging people to go to school and in the case of old people we have a program called functional adult literacy where old or mature people are being trained how to read and write, nutrition and business management. environment

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT I support women's empowerment through advising parents to take their daughters to school.
I also encourage husbands to open up projects for their wives other than using them as sexual workers.
In this struggle of women empowerment in Kibaale District many people are participating actively.

I also have a brother Franc who is a great soccer player. He is looking for a club and/or a scholarship to play overseas. You can read more about him here. Footballing brother

You can contact me at sekamatepeter@yahoo.com

Gender equity

Students of URDT Girls school participating on the international women's day.