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Did you know that . . .

- Somalis depend on sheep, goats and camels for their livelihood

- Somalis use charcoal or wood for all their cooking every day

- Deforestation for charcoal production has caused massive,
nearly irreversible degradation of grazing land
in Somalia

Without trees, there is no life for animals or pastoralists in the
fragile Somali landscape.

Out of this crisis, Somalis have an opportunity to switch to
sun power using solar cookers

Sun Fire Cooking puts people
and the environment before profit!

Sun Fire Cooking is distributing in Somalia
a very efficient solar cooker.

Our butterfly-design passive solar cooker is large, sturdy and cooks much more quickly than other solar cooker designs. Our cooker is as fast as a gas or electric stove because of the size of the parabolic mirrors.

Our solar cooker is healthy and clean with no choking smoke. Families can boil drinking water, avoiding many diseases.

Our solar cooker saves Somali households an average of $20 per month in charcoal costs. The solar cooker pays for itself in less than one year and will give twenty years of free solar cooking.

We need your help to stop
environmental destruction in Somalia!

Make a donation or
buy our DVD
Sun Fire Cooking in Somalia!

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