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Chinese paintings and Calligraphy

21 May 2004

Kagadi, western Uganda, east Africa

Today Pamela Collett and Jim Lindsay presented a gift to to the African Rural Univesity from two artists in Beijing China , Du Zhenglin of Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Madame Wang,of Orient White Horse Academy of Calligraphy and Painting

The two outstanding artists donated the paintings "Flower Study" and "Dancing with Dog and Dragonflies" in solidarity with the African Rural University and the peoples of Uganda.

The Calligraphy Scroll is by Du Zhenglin commissioned by Jim Lindsay and Pamela Collett, Chinese translation by Hsiung Deh-ni, Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University

The Calligraphy Scroll says
"For the African Rural University, Kagadi, Uganda
Awakening the Sleeping Genius in Each of Us
from Pamela Collett and Jim Lindsay August 2003"

The 40 staff members and students from the URDT Business Institute were intrigued by the art form of Chinese painting and writing which they had never seen before. They showed their interest by asking many questions about Chinese painting and calligraphy. After the presentation, people gathered around the paintings for a better look. John Tusiime, URDT Programme Coordinator, expressed everyone's thanks to their Chinese friends and to Pamela and Jim.

Dancing with dog and dragonflies

Awakening the sleeping genius in each of us - In Chinese

A study in flowers

Jacqueline Akello and John Tusiime after accepting the pictures on behalf of URDT

Jim, Pamela, John and Jacqueline with a dancing dog

The local audience were intrigued

A crowd inspects the pictures

A doughnut eater gazes at the flowers

Pamela talks enthusiasticly about chines painting

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