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Solar Cookers

Use of the cooker can help reduce the use of scarce fuel wood or charcoal.

Horn Relief has imported several solar cooker from China. The cooker's parabolic mirrors are made of cast iron with a highly reflective aluminium tape comprising the reflective surface. This tape has proved to be durable, but it could be easily repaired should it be necessary. Each cooker weighs about 80 kilograms. This means the cookers are heavy and so stable in high cooker photo image winds and they are also sturdy. The large reflecting area, 1.5 square meters in the one shown in the photo, means that in bright sunshine the cooker is about as fast as cooking on a charcoal fire and more convenient. Cookers with a mirror area of 2.0 and 2.5 square meters are also manufactured. The cooker can be turned on its verical axis and screw mechanism allows the tilt of the mirror to be easily adjusted. Moving the cooker to track the sun therefore only takes a few seconds.

The cooker's design means that people actually like to use it. This is in contrast to some cooker designs which require people to change their usual daily routine, something which people often cannot easily do.

Read Omar's experience using a solar cooker in Bosaso, Northeastern Somalia

The cookers are very price competitive. For information about purchasing a cooker please contact Fatima Jibrell at Horn Relief. Her email address is

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