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Enjoy unlimited free hot water

The 220 litre tank is insulated so water stays hot throughout the night. Enjoy a hot shower or use hot water when you are making tea, cooking rice or spaghetti. You will be surprised how much fuel you save. A hot water heater can quickly help pay for itself, and you will save time too.

The solar hot water heater uses efficient vacuum tubes to collect the sun's heat. The hot water is stored in the insulated tank until it is ready to be used. The storage tank is stainless steel and the insulation imported from Germany.

All you need is a cold water storage tank located above the solar hot water heater.

For more information please send an email to or telephone Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia 787844 (mobile), 760654 (mobile), 252 5 821274 (land line) or 252 5 824296. All telephones are Golis (formerly Barakat).

Enjoy the water

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