Meeting the Charcoal Challenge

Somalia Cooks with Solar



A unique and visionary contribution

to saving the fragile environment and the pastoral way of life in Somalia



No one has ever made a film based on Somali pastoral life in the visually stunning Somali landscape. 


No one has ever brought to people throughout the world the reality of environmental degradation due to charcoal production that is threatening the continued existence of the Somali pastoral way of life.


 No one has made a film based on Somali pastoral culture and music with Somalis as the protagonists. 


No one has had the vision, the daring, the expertise and the network of contacts to even dream of making such a film in pastoral Somalia.


Until now. 

Sun Fire Cooking with their network of people committed to the environment and Somali pastoralism can dream of making a compelling and beautiful short film that will entertain as well as educate people throughout the world.


Here are the core visionaries:

  1. Fatima Jibrell: Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Africa, 2002 and co-founder of Sun Fire Cooking
  2. Jim Lindsay: retired Australian diplomat, active in environmental issues and Australiašs Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) from 1996-2000, co-founder of Sun Fire Cooking. 
  3. Nathan Collett:  filmmaker making short films in East Africa since 1999.  B.A. African History, Stanford University, MFA in Film, University of Southern California, Fulbright grantee 2006-7, based in Kenya.
  4. A professional crew from East Africa willing to travel to Somalia and work under challenging conditions, with minimal payment
  5. Somalis in the diaspora who are working as volunteers to develop the script.
  6. A network of friends of Somalia in Australia, USA and UK who have helped finance Sun Fire Cooking through voluntary donations.
  7. The Pastoral Youth Leadership Program, based in northeast Somalia

 We can make this innovative film for only US$30,000 due to dedicated volunteers and in-kind donations.  With your help we can make a difference for Somalia, Africa and the world.  


 Any donation is welcome.  Donations of US$100 or more will receive a DVD of the video.  JOIN US TODAY!  Send your checks payable to Sun Fire Cooking to Jim Lindsay 651 Oakland Ave. Apt 2E, Oakland CA 94611 USA.  All donors will be listed in the film credits!


Please pass this flyer on to your family, friends and colleagues interested in saving lives and the environment through appropriate solar technology. For more information, including a proposal outline and budget, contact

Fatima Jibrell

or Jim Lindsay


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