People to People Proposal: Jay’s Community Library

Gede, Coastal Province, KENYA



There are no libraries or places for children or young people to read or study throughout the Gede Watamu area, Coastal Province of Kenya. Most of the children lack even textbooks. One year ago, a British family who frequently visits the area on holiday started a community library in the memory of their son, Jay Westwood. For one year now, committed young people have kept the library open six days a week through their volunteer work. The library is made up of books donated by tourists and well wishers. Most of the books are in English. The young people would like to buy some books in Kiswahili and more books by African authors and with information on the local environment, appropriate technology and agro forestry. They also need funds to build more shelves for the books.


You can help the Library User’s Group of the Gede Watamu Community Resource Center. A donation of US $80 will build a wall of book shelves. US$100 will buy 20 paperback books. The youth would also very much appreciate any information about how to get used or inexpensive computers. They have applied to some programs but have not received any response.


For more information, contact Jim Lindsay or Pamela Collett,

Email Tel 254-122-32416

P.O. Box 33 Watamu 80202 Kenya