Readers¹ Praise for Bold Plum


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³ Hsiao Li Lindsay is a master storyteller and a historian¹s dream. She offers a day by-day account of flight from Beijing with Japanese troops in pursuit, years with the Communist guerrillas in North China, childbirth on the trail, and refuge in Yenan. Bold Plum shows us the communist movement in all its precarious local variation. Lindsay¹s keen eye and prodigious memory are a gift to us all.²

—Gail Hershatter, Professor of History , University of California, Santa Cruz, USA


³ Bold Plum shows clearly the part played by millet and rifles in defeating the Japanese. It is written in simple language by a woman who took part in the entire eight years of extremely difficult struggle, and even gave birth to two children while under enemy fire. Bold Plum is exciting reading and a must for all those

interested in this part of world history.²

—Joan Hinton, scientist, Beijing, China


³ This is a rare item. Bold Plum has all the virtues of a remarkably sharp authorial memory and a story line that ranges from tragically massacred peasant villages to living intimately with Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Lin Biao, and the whole gang.²

—Jerome Silbergeld, Professor of Chinese Art and Film, Princeton University, USA


³ Bold Plum is a unique story in that many barriers were crossed by Hsiao Li in her marriage and her adventures hiding from the Japanese, her courage in the way she underplayed the dangers, and her courage in marrying a foreigner. I found Bold Plum fascinating.²

—Deh-I Hsiung, science policy analyst, Washington DC, USA


³ Bold Plum is so exciting that it should be made into a movie. In just a handful of pages, the reader sees first hand the crumbling of the last dynasty in ChinaŠthe

Japanese occupation of Manchuria, an incredible love story Šharrowing escapes from the Japanese occupiers, and life in a cave in Yenan.²

— Hon. Don Manzullo, representative United States 16th Congressional District, Illinois, USA


³ I just couldn¹t put Bold Plum down. Her courage and the choices she had to make are amazing.²

—Fatima Jibrell, Goldman Environmental Prize Winner 2002, Bosaso, Somalia


³ Bold Plum could be transformed into a terrific movie. It has all the ingredients for success—a tender love story, the humanization of the Eighth Route Army, a blunder- busting American ambassador, Œsimpatico¹ communist soldiers, sympathetic US military observers, double-dealing Nationalists, et al.²

—Edward Tan, business executive, Miami, Florida, USA

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